Hackathon for Aban

Left to the end of hackathon!

The hackathon has now officially started! If you had registered in time, you should have got an email with necessary instructions.


A: Yes you are allowed to use any verified information from the public domain and you are not limited to the provided sample data to use in your design and development.

Hackathon poster

As we approach the third anniversary of Bloody November , a reference that includes all the collected and verified information still doesn't exist. With the lack of global awareness on this movement, having a website that represents this information to the audience in an effective way is a basic necessity. Such a website will help to raise awareness and ultimately, seek justice for all the victims. The goal of this hackathon is to have teams develop a reference website for Bloody November.


November 14 - November 16: Registration Period

Registration remains open during this period, however, we encourage early registration. You can register by filling out the form.

November 17 - November 23: Development Period

On November 17, we will share a sample dataset, the objective, and judging criteria with the registered teams.

November 24 - December 5: Judgment Period

The winning submissions will be announced on December 5.

Judging Committee

The judging committee will be announced before the Judgment Period begins.


We ask you to create a git repository with all your source code, push that repository to your GitHub or GitLab, and share the repository with an email that will be communicated after registration. We kindly ask you not to make your repository available to the public. The submitted repository needs to come with a README file that includes a link to your deployed working demo and instructions on how to run your code. Your submission needs to come with an MIT License . Submission of any malicious code results in an automatic disqualification


  • First team: One PS752 hoodie, mug, and a certificate per team member
  • Second team: One PS752 T-shirt and a certificate per team member
  • Third team: One PS752 mug and a certificate per team member

Second Round

We are planning to conduct a second round of this hackathon for developing more features. The second round will be tentatively scheduled for the second half of January 2023. More details to follow.